Using Microsoft python-type-stubs with Pyright

Python type annotations allow static type checking, so that you can catch obvious AttributeError: NoneType object has no attribute ... in your editor. They also allow better code completion, because in many cases, type checking tools can infer the type of the object based on return type annotations of functions or methods. However, not all libraries (especially the ones that were created before Python type annotation got established) have type annotations.

That’s why type stubs exist. They have .pyi extensions and are like C headers, which only declare class, function, or method names and their parameter types without implementation. These type stubs do not have to be coupled with the actual library. So virtually anyone can just create type stubs for an existing library and ship it separately.

Microsoft’s pylance ships with type stubs bundled for popular libraries without native type annotations. But especially for large libraries type stubs cannot be perfect, so they have a repository called python-type-stubs to collaboratively work on creating type stubs together with the community, and these stubs are bundled together with pylance.

However, pylance is closed source, and is only available inside VS Code. As a Neovim person, I instead have to use the open-source version of pylance, which is pyright. However, by default, pyright doesn’t ship with pylance’s type stubs.

So the question is, how do I use python-type-stubs with pyright? It’s actually simple enough, but at the time of writing, it seems like nowhere on the Internet just has a straightforward guide on this.

Say you have a Python project proj managed with git.

Add python-type-stubs as a git submodule under the directory stubs:

$ cd proj
# Assuming you have GitHub SSH authentication set up.
$ git submodule add stubs

Then, point pyright to the stubs inside the submodule.

If you’re using pyproject.toml:

stubPath = "./stubs/stubs"

If you’re not using pyproject.toml, you need to have pyrightconfig.json in the root of your workspace:

    "stubPath": "./stubs/stubs"

When you see glitches in the type stubs provided by python-type-stubs, just post a PR fixing the issue. When the PR gets merged, update the submodule (e.g., git submodule update).



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